NYE Chicago 2015

If you are still looking for a chi-town event to attend this New Year’s Eve and you love the idea of a sparkling, sweaty, funkadelic night of R&B realness, than look no further because it is waiting for you at Double Door’s:

Har Mar Superstar

with White Mystery * Absolutely Not * DJ LDY PRBLMS * Lucy Stoole * Curlene Ribbon * Joan Waters * Nico * The Vixen * The Lady Ivory




Holiday fabulous flora 2015

It was a busy holiday season this year at Ashland Addison florist in Chicago.  Our designers have been creating awe inspiring holiday masterpieces for our clients’ festivities.  Here is a taste of some of their designs from this year:

St. Joseph’s Christmas tree for their holiday party at Cafe Brauer. Designed by Lauren Brescia
detail of: St. Joseph’s Christmas tree for their holiday party at Cafe Brauer. Designed by Lauren Brescia
detail of: St. Joseph’s Christmas tree for their holiday party at Cafe Brauer. Designed by Lauren Brescia
FullSizeRender Ramsey Prince for private party
Holiday party arrangement by Ramsey Prince; the turtle doves were made by hand


detail of holiday arrangement by Ramsey Prince
detail of arrangement by Ramsey Prince: Peonies, Hydrangea, Roses, Magnolia leaves, winter berries



Iconic Brides and their Bouquets

Here is a throwback to a few of the most iconic weddings of all time.

On September 12, 1953, Jacqueline Bouvier married Senator John F Kennedy at St Mary’s Church in Newport, Rhode Island.    Jacqueline carried an elegant bouquet of white and pink Gardenias with white Orchids and trailing Stephanotis.  For her professional wedding photos, the new Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy traded in her large bouquet for a smaller arrangement of Lily of the Valley, Stephanotis and Orchids.

Grace Kelly left Hollywood behind to be the new princess of Monaco, when she married Prince Rainier III of Monaco, in 1956.  The starlet’s dress was a gift, custom designed by MGM studios.  Grace carried a modest bouquet of Lily of the Valley.

For Audrey Hepburn‘s 2nd marriage to Andrea Dotti in 1969, in Morges, Switzerland, she went with a modern look of a pink wool baby doll dress and a matching head scarf.  The dress and scarf were designed by Hepburn’s close friend, fashion designer Hubert de Givenchy.  Her bouquet was a small arrangement of Freesia.  The head scarf would become a popular fad in the 1960s and the classic veil would take a backseat to dramatic hats, scarfs and hair pieces for the next few decades among celebrity weddings.

Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias married Mick Jagger in 1971.  Bianca dared to be different in a sleek white pant suit and white sun hat.

On July 29th in 1981, the whole world watched as Diana Spencer married Prince Charles of Wales, in London at St Paul’s Cathedral.  The soon to be Princess Diana carried an extravagant bouquet measuring 42 inches long and 15 inches wide.  To match the dramatic bouquet, the train of her dress was 25 ft long.  The bouquet was comprised of Stephanotis, Freesia, Orchids, Lily of the Valley, Earl Mountain Roses, Ivy, Tradescantia, Myrtle and Veronica.


White House Winter Wonderland

In Honor of the holiday season, and the ongoing political campaigning, here are some lavish looks from Christmases past at the White House.


For more Holiday History from the White House, go to:  whitehousehistory.org

Wedding & Event trends: food bar

Forget the guys trying the squeeze their way through crowds to offer you the mini quiche, when what you really want is the guy who has the somosas, but of course he is half way across the room and by the time you get to him, there aren’t any left.  Well, a great way to solve the problem is a food bar! And it gives you another space to decorate for your guests to fawn over.  The appetizer table, or food bar, is not only a place for your tiny delicious pre dinner treats, but it is also a visual feast that can really stand out and act as another elegant showpiece for your big day.  Brides and Grooms are getting more and more creative with this new phenomenal trend and now it’s your turn!  Let’s get foodie with it.  Here are some incredible edible ideas:

For Chicago locals, here are some great places that can deliver tasty treats:

Whole Foods – great healthy choice

Bang! Bang! – delectable pies and classic southern style cooking

Big Star – The absolute best tacos



Give them something exquisite and unexpected: Flower Crowns

This fashionable trend has been around for decades, and we have been seeing more and more of them being donned at weddings and festivals.  Now, we are entering the holiday season fast, and the pressure is on to figure out gifts that our loved ones will both adore and be surprised by.  Flowers are not just for the spring and summer, and what better a time to give a fresh floral headpiece than at Holiday time!  Just because nature around us outside may be cold and dead, that does not mean that we can’t still enjoy the bold and beautiful colors and scents of some fresh flowers this holiday season.  Here are some examples of outstanding flower crowns to get you excited:

Any recipient of one of these incredible crowns will be blown away!

If you live in Chicago, call Ashland Addison Florist today to order a crown for your loved one!  Custom made crowns start around $45.00.

If you live elsewhere and or are a crafty person on a budget, go to your local florist for the flowers and supplies for a little DIY action.

Your welcome, unique Holiday gift givers!  😉


Origin stories: the bouquet

Weddings have been happening for centuries, and although certain aspects have always remained the same, some pretty prevalent wedding traditions have changed dramatically since their origin.  Here are some interesting facts about the origin of one of our favorite wedding staples that may surprise you!


The bridal bouquet has always stood as a symbol for the bride herself, but during times of Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece, bouquets included herbs and spices to ward off evil spirits from cursing the new marriage.


A few hundred years later during the medieval era, brides carried bouquets that had more traditional flowers we use today including roses.  Their bouquets still often included herbs for good luck.  The dill from the bouquets was consumed by the groom and guests as a symbol of good fertility.


The Queen who changed it all:  It was Queen Victoria who made the big change away from the use of herbs and spices in her bouquet by replacing them entirely with fresh flowers.  Queen V popularized another wedding tradition that we still see today, the bouquet toss.  During Victorian times, brides tossed their bouquets at a friend as she left to keep that friend safe and offer luck.

queen victoria wedding dressbouquet

This  practice later transformed into the modern meaning that we still identify with today: that the single woman who catches the bouquet would marry next.