New year goals: get organized & stay organized

mayi carles, how to keep you creative space inspiring, workspace organization

It’s a new year and time to say goodbye to the mishaps and messes we made in 2015, and make sure they don’t happen ( as much) in 2016.  Today I wanted reflect on the importance of organizing personal space.  Whether it is your desk at work or at home, or an entire office or studio, our production space and how we think about and utilize it effects everything we do.  If you are feeling uninspired or constantly distracted within your space, here are some tips to get you back on track:

  • Find the #1 distraction and get rid of it.  This may be as simple as deleting solitaire from your computer.  If your biggest distraction is something a little more complicated like the entirety of the internet, it will be hard but you know what you have to do.  Shut it down!  I mean, don’t through your modem in the bin, but disable it while you are working, or if you don’t need a computer to do your work, then turn off the computer and take it out of your space.  Out of sight, out of mind.


  • Give your space a makeover.  Now is the time to simplify, and revamp.  If nothing around you is sparking your creative side, then give it some new life.  Throw out anything you don’t need or don’t use.  Keep some inspiring reading materials nearby.  Sometimes when you are stalling to start work on a project, taking a short reading break does well to inspire and get you going again.

 A fab mid-century inspired home in Berlin. Herz & Blut. My Scandinavian Home.:


  • Now that it is so fresh and so clean, KEEP IT THAT WAY!  When we are on a productive roll, it is too easy to lose our space to small fits of disorganization.  Then the problem becomes that too many small fits turn into one giant scary mess.  Don’t let it happen to you.  A small mess will take you a few minutes to work out.  Take some time at least once a week to make sure your space is in check.


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