Give them something exquisite and unexpected: Flower Crowns

This fashionable trend has been around for decades, and we have been seeing more and more of them being donned at weddings and festivals.  Now, we are entering the holiday season fast, and the pressure is on to figure out gifts that our loved ones will both adore and be surprised by.  Flowers are not just for the spring and summer, and what better a time to give a fresh floral headpiece than at Holiday time!  Just because nature around us outside may be cold and dead, that does not mean that we can’t still enjoy the bold and beautiful colors and scents of some fresh flowers this holiday season.  Here are some examples of outstanding flower crowns to get you excited:

Any recipient of one of these incredible crowns will be blown away!

If you live in Chicago, call Ashland Addison Florist today to order a crown for your loved one!  Custom made crowns start around $45.00.

If you live elsewhere and or are a crafty person on a budget, go to your local florist for the flowers and supplies for a little DIY action.

Your welcome, unique Holiday gift givers!  😉



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